Blister Packaging 

Innovation You Can See

Partner with CMI Plastics and we’ll manage your blister packaging project from start to finish with our in-house team guaranteeing on-time and on-spec delivery. To learn what makes CMI Plastics the market leader in blister packaging, contact our team for a free order valuation.

Why choose CMI blister packaging?

Enhanced Product Presentation

CMI blister packaging showcases your products attractively, boosting their visual appeal and increasing potential sales.

Protection From Damage

Our blister packaging provides dependable protection, preventing damage to your products during transit and handling.

Custom Design Options

We offer versatile design options, allowing for customization in shape, size, and graphics to reflect your unique brand identity.


CMI delivers cost-effective solutions by optimizing material usage and streamlining production, providing you with packaging solutions at a lower cost per unit.

Design & collaboration make the difference

At CMI Plastics, we work closely with you and your team throughout the entire design and production process, ensuring that the final design aligns perfectly with your vision. By keeping communication open and involving you in the decision-making process every step of the way, we ensure that your needs are met with packaging that meets budget and timing requirements while exceeding your expectations. 

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Our experienced team is here to provide tailored solutions that captivate consumers and protect your products.

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