Clamshell Packaging

Seal & Secure Your Products

As a trusted industry leader, we offer end-to-end management of your clamshell packaging, From in-house design to locally sourced, high-quality materials, we ensure your products stand out at the retail level. To learn how CMI Plastics blister packaging can maximize your success, reach out to our team today for a complimentary order valuation.

Why choose CMI clamshell packaging? 

Enhanced Presentation

Our thermoforming process provides versatility, allowing for the creation of parts in various shapes, sizes, and complexities, tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Superior Protection

With cost-effective production techniques and design customization, our thermoformed parts are built to deliver product success.

Eco-Friendly Materials

We prioritize sustainability by using environmentally friendly materials in our clamshell packaging, helping you meet sustainability goals.

Cost-Effective Solutions

CMI maximizes efficiency and cost-effectiveness through optimized materials and streamlined production, delivering affordable packaging with a low cost per unit.

Smart designs for customer convenience

Our team keeps communication channels open and involves you in every decision-making step to ensure that the final design perfectly aligns with your vision. From our circular product ethos to carefully selected materials, our streamlined approach ensures the end results exceed your expectations.

Showcases the best of your products

Our experts are ready to provide tailored solutions that captivate consumers. Contact us for a free consultation and quote.

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