Millions of Pounds Saved through Thermoform Optimization

Millions of Pounds Saved through Thermoform Optimization

Steven Hasselbach
September 26, 2023
CMI successfully reduced a client's plastic usage by over a million pounds annually through optimizing thermoform tray design and production. Using progressive testing and material thinning, they maintained tray volume but minimized plastic usage. They're ready to help others achieve similar savings.

A fully loaded Airbus A380 weighs over one million pounds (453,592 kg). Three blue whales, the largest animal on Earth, weigh one million pounds. And forty full size school buses weigh one million pounds.

One Million is a significant number. It is even more significant when I say that CMI helped a customer avoid using over one million pounds of plastic, in one year. The total volume of thermoform trays was still the same, but the amount of plastic used was reduced.

How did CMI do this? We did it with Design, Engineering, and Testing. We Designed the thermoforms to hold the most amount of product, using the smallest footprint possible. We Engineered the designs so that we could reduce the starting gauge and maximize the forming sheet, while minimizing the quantity of engineered scrap that is produced in our process. We Tested using in-house vibration and drop testing. We utilized a mix of test requirements established by global shipping companies as well as aggressive parameters we have established over years of experience.

Our process starts with making sample thermoforms using a starting gauge that is determined by the customer. We then drop and vibration test the trays and evaluate. If the parts pass and all product is held in place with no damage to the components or the trays, we make additional thermoforms. These are made in a thinner gauge then the original trays. We then start the testing process over. This is repeated until we are confident that we have determined the thinnest starting gauge that will meet our customer's needs.

Reduce, that is the goal. With plastic, this is achievable. Plastic is strong, light, and can be manipulated to perform tasks that other materials can not. Thermoform trays are less bulky and take up less space in shipping and storage. They are also know to be easier to use in the packing process. This equates to less operators and less time needed at the packing house. And, in most cases, thermoforms are the most economical option. Please contact CMI and find out what we can do to help you reduce and save with plastic.

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